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  1. Promotion and Mitigation of Premixed Flame Acceleration in Dusty-Gaseous Environment with Various Combustible Dust Distributions: A Computational Study
  2. Upgrading of stranded gas via non-oxidative conversion processes
  3. Methane-induced explosions in vented enclosures
  4. Analysis of flame acceleration in open or vented obstructed pipes
  5. Computational Study of Premixed Flame Propagation in a Gaseous-Dusty Environment with Various Dust Distributions
  6. Effect of Surface Conditions on Fast Flame Acceleration in Obstructed Cylindrical Pipes
  7. Influence of Gas Compression on the Process of an Accidental Methane/Air/Coal Dust Fire in a Coalmine
  8. Influence of gas compressibility on a burning accident in a mining passage
  9. Towards a predictive scenario of a burning accident in a mining passage
  10. A spray pyrolysis synthesis of MnFe 2O 4/SnO 2yolk/shell composites for magnetically recyclable photocatalyst
  11. Hydrodeoxygenation of Methyl Laurate over Ni Catalysts Supported on Hierarchical HZSM-5 Zeolite