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Innovating New Paths

At the WVU Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization, we conduct transformative, fundamental, research directed at innovative pathways for shale gas utilization and upgrading.

Learn About Our Research

What Is CIGRU?

The West Virginia University Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization (CIGRU) brings together experts in science, engineering, environmental, policy, law, and finance to tackle the predominant energy and environmental challenges. CIGRU conducts research and services relevant to gas, oil, and chemicals. Our research includes a broad area of catalysis, reaction engineering, materials science, power generation, and gas turbine. Our services include air emission control, regulatory and policy, law, and finance relevant to shale gas. CIGRU undertakes U.S. government- and industry-funded research projects.

Our Mission

Working with our government and industry stakeholders, CIGRU develops state-of-the-art shale gas upgrading technologies through in-depth research. Our team is committed to advancing cross-cutting research of emerging enabling technologies, providing interdisciplinary training for scientists and engineers, and facilitating the technology transfer to the private and government sectors. New partnerships between academia-industry-DoE laboratories emerge from this program. It stimulates additional opportunities for competitive research as well as the creation of intellectual property and cross-cutting educational and workforce training. CIGRU aims to leverage WVU’s versatile scientific capabilities to promote the economic well-being of West Virginians and the United States.

Our Services

Kashy Aminian working in his lab


  • Process Intensified Modularity
  • Plasma Catalysis
  • Catalytic Membrane
  • Oxidative Dehydrogenation
  • Chemical Looping
  • Combustion Engine
  • Advanced Turbine

Shahab Mohaghegh working at the computer


  • Legal
  • Policy
  • Environmental
Xingbo Liu working on a fuel cell in his lab


  • Acetylene
  • Aromatics
  • C4 Olefins and Butadiene
  • Fuel Cell
  • Transportation Fuels