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Photo of Josh Fershee

Joshua P. Fershee

Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development and Professor of Law

Professional Preparation

B.A., Social Science, 1995 — Michigan State University

J.D., Law, 2003 — Tulane Law School


West Virginia University College of Law — Morgantown, WV

Center for Energy and Sustainable Development

2015 – present: Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development

2014 – present: Professor of Law with tenure

2013 – present: Director, LL.M:. Energy & Sustainable Development Law

2012 – 2014: Associate Professor of Law

West Virginia University College of Business and Economics — Morgantown, WV

2013: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Management

University of North Dakota School of Law — Grand Forks, ND

2011 – 2012: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research

2010 – 2012: Associate Professor of Law

2009 – 2011: Faculty Development Fellow for Research & Scholarship

2007 – 2010: Assistant Professor of Law

Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law — State College, PA

2006 – 2007: Visiting Assistant Professor of Law


  1. Fershee, Joshua P., How Local Is Local?: A Response to Professor David B. Spence’s The Political Economy of Local Vetoes, 93 TEXAS L. REV. SEE ALSO 61 (2015) (invited)
  2. ENERGY LAW, A CONTEXT AND PRACTICE CASEBOOK, Context and Practice Series, edited by Michael Hunter Schwartz, Carolina Academic Press (2014)
  3. Fershee, Joshua P., Facts, Fiction, and Perception in Hydraulic Fracturing: Illuminating Act 13 and Robinson Township v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 116 W. VA. L. REV. 819 (2014) (invited)
  4. Fershee, Joshua P, .Promoting an All of the Above Approach or Pushing (Oil) Addiction and Abuse?: The Curious Role of Energy Subsidies and Mandates in U.S. Energy Policy, 7 ENVTL. & ENERGY L. & POL’Y J. 125 (2012) (invited) (symposium issue)
  5. Fershee, Joshua P, The Oil and Gas Evolution: Learning from the Hydraulic Fracturing Experiences in North Dakota and West Virginia, 19 TEXAS WESLEYAN LAW REVIEW 23 (2012) (invited) (symposium issue)
  6. Fershee, Joshua P, North Dakota Expertise: A Chance to Lead in Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing, 87 NORTH DAKOTA LAW REVIEW 485 (2011) (invited) (symposium issue)
  7. Fershee, Joshua P, Choosing a Better Path: The Misguided Appeal of Increased Criminal Liability After Deepwater Horizon, 36 WILLIAM & MARY ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & POLICY REVIEW 1 (2011) (invited) (symposium issue)
  8. Fershee, Joshua P,, Reliably Unreliable: The Problems with Piecemeal Federal Transmission and Grid Reliability Policies, Center for Energy and Environmental Law, University of Connecticut School of Law Policy Paper (July 2011), (solicited policy paper)
  9. Fershee, Joshua P, Changing Resources, Changing Markets: The Impact of a National Renewable Portfolio Standard on the U.S. Energy Industry, 29 ENERGY LAW JOURNAL 49 (2008) (peer reviewed), excerpt reprinted in CHRIS WOLD, ET AL., CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE LAW 699-701 (2009)
  10. Fershee, Joshua P, Misguided Energy: Why Recent Legislative, Regulatory, and Market Initiatives Are Insufficient to Improve the Failing U.S. Energy Infrastructure, 44 HARVARD JOURNAL ON LEGISLATION 327 (2007)

Synergistic Activities

Collaborators and Other Affiliates