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A portrait of John Hu

John (Jianli) Hu

Statler Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization

Professional Preparation

Tsinghua University Beijing, China – Chemistry B.S., 1986

Tsinghua University – Chemical Engineering Ph.D., 1991

University of Pittsburgh – Chemical Engineering Postdoctoral Associate, 1991-1995

University of Washington – Business MBA, 1999-2002


2016-present: Statler Chair in Engineering for Natural Gas Utilization and Director of Shale Gas Center, West Virginia University

2010-2016: Director of Technology Innovation, Koch Industries, Inc.

2007-2010: R&D Manager, Black & Veatch Corporation.

1999-2007: Research Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

1998-1999: Refining Leader, BP Oil


Project Relevant Publications

  1. Xinli Tong, Zobghui Liu, Jianli Hu, Shenyun Liao, “Au-Catalyzed Oxidative Condensation of Renewable Furfural and Ethanol to Produce Furan-2-Acrolein in the Presence of Molecular Oxygen”, Applied Catalysis, 510, 196-203,2016
  2. Xinli Tong, Hui Chen, Jianli Hu, Yadong Bi, Zhe Sun, Wenyuan Fan “The Efficient and Sustainable Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass by Catalytic Processes”,ChemBioEng, 2(3), 157-174, 2015
  3. Lili Li, Can Chen, Long Chen, Zixue Zhu, Jianli Hu, “Catalytic Decomposition of Toxic Chemicals Over Iron Group Metals Supported on Carbon Nanotubes”, Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 3372-3377, 2014
  4. Robert A. Dagle, Jianli Hu, Susanne B. Jones, Wayne Wilcox, John G. Frye, James F. White, Juyuan Jiang, and Yong Wang, “ Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Valuable Chemical Products over Composite Catalytic Systems”, invited paper, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 22, 368-374, 2013
  5. Jianli Hu, Kriston Brooks, “Highly Stable and Active Catalyst for Sabatier Reaction”, NASA Technology Briefs, 36 (1) 46, 2012
  6. Juyuan Jiang, Jianli Hu, Mingxian Cui, He Tian, Integration of Hydrogen Production and Waste Heat Recovery in Electrochemcal Wastewater Treatment. Renewable Energy 43, 179-183, 2012
  7. Lili Li, Changxiu Han, Xinyu Han, Yixiao Zhou , Li Yang, Baogui Zhang, and Jianli Hu, “Decomposition of PH3 Over Cerium-Promoted Co/CNTs Catalysts”. Environmental Science & Technology, 45, 726-731, 2011
  8. Chunshe Cao, Jianli Hu, Shari Li, Wayne Wilcox, Yong Wang “Intensified Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Process Using Microchannel Catalytic Reactors”, Catalysis Today, 140(3-4), 149-156, 2009
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  10. Jamie D. Holladay, Jianli Hu, D.L. King, Yong Wang, “An Overview of Hydrogen Production Technologies”, Catalysis Today, 139 (4), 244-260, 2009

Additional Publications

  1. “Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis using Microchannel Technology and Novel Catalyst and Microchannel Reactor” ,Y. Wang, A. L. Tonkovich, T. Mazanec, F. P. Daly, D.V. VanderWiel, Jianli Hu ,US Patent 9,023,900 (2015)
  2. “Dimethyl Ether Production from Methanol and/or Syngas”, Robert Dagle, Yong Wang, Ed Baker, Jianli Hu US Patent 8,957,259 (2015)
  3. Y. Wang, A. L. Tonkovich, T. Mazanec, F. P. Daly, D.V. VanderWiel, Jianli Hu, C. Cao, C. Kibby, X.H. Li, Y.Chin, “Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using Microchannel Technology and Novel Catalyst and Microchannel Reactor” U.S Patent 8,188,153 (2012)
  4. Francis Daly, Junko Watson,Yong Wang, Jianli Hu, Chunshe Cao, “Stable, Catalyzed, High Temperature Combustion in Microchannel Integrated Combustion Reactors. U.S. Patent 8,062,623 (2011)
  5. Jianli Hu, Robert A. Dagle, Chunshe Cao, Yong Wang, Doug Elliott, Don Stevenes, Jim White, “Alcohol Synthesis from CO or CO2” U.S. Patent 7,858,667 (2010)

Synergistic Activities

Collaborators and Other Affiliates