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Who We Are

The West Virginia University Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers who are experts in science, engineering, environmental, policy, law and finance.

What We Do

The CIGRU conducts research and services relevant to gas, oil and chemicals. Our experimental research includes a broad areas covering catalysis, reaction engineering, material science, power generation and gas turbine. The CIGRU undertakes U.S. government- and industry-funded research projects developing clean and renewable energy technologies. Our services include air emission control, regulatory and policy, law and finance relevant to shale gas.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with our government and industry stakeholders to advance the state of the art in shale gas upgrading technology through basic research. Our portfolio of activities achieve this mission through cross-cutting research of emerging enabling technologies, interdisciplinary training of scientists and engineers, and facilitation of technology transfer to the private and government sectors.

New partnerships between academia-industry-DoE laboratories will emerge from this program, stimulating additional opportunities for competitive research as well pathways for creation of intellectual property and cross-cutting educational and workforce training, and economic development opportunities for the citizens of West Virginia.

Ultimately, the CIGRU’s mission is to stimulate economic well-being in West Virginia and the world through technical innovation, knowledge creation, and educational excellence.


The WVU Center for Innovation in Gas Research and Utilization will be recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in developing technologies and serving the gas industry.

Collage of photos showing grad students doing research in a lab